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Monday, September 20, 2010

White light, white heat

White whiskey. It's one of those things that seems to have a bad reputation and filled with images of outlaws working on secret stills in the hills. Such was life and some would say still is... apparently illegal distilling takes place in areas where people take imbibing in certain "nip-joints". Illegal whiskey is apparently (not that our imbibing hero here would know) one of those products that could basically contain... god knows what. Have a barrel out in the woods.. yeah a few bugs wont hurt... need someway to make a still... yeah that old lead car radiator I found will work out well... Such were the stories I heard... never mind that the XXX rating found on "artisanal moonshine" involved names such as Tangles (XX) I forget what the first and third Xs were called, but they signified the times the whiskey went through the still, causing a higher proof (alcohol) content. 1 2 3... just like that. Fours Xs... and your still was launched allegedly to the moon... Before I go any further I 'll just say this right away.

The three bottles here I have acquired are all LEGAL PRODUCTS THAT ANYONE OF LEGAL DRINKING AGE CAN PURCHASE. YOU SHOULD NOT PURCHASE ILLEGAL MOONSHINE. Thank you... lecture over.... now...

However, living in DC I have nearby Virginia to sometimes enjoy and there is only one (I believe) legally available bottler who makes white whiskey. The product is called Virginia Lightning and it is made on Belmont Farms (you can find out more about them here ).

I picked up their product while visiting in the area, and also a second product they make which is a 2 year Kopper Kettle aged whiskey with applewood and oak chips and charcoal filtered. Those are the only 2 things they make.

I also tasted with this a second young whiskey called Mountain Moonshine Old Oak Recipe which is from West Virginia. They also make a white whiskey. Thoughts and comments about all these whiskeys are in the video below.

Stay tuned also, I will make for your pleasure soon with white whiskey... a White Manhattan.


  1. Ahhh, Morgantown, old college stomping grounds....were you there recently?

  2. No I was in Canaan Valley and saw this in a store.