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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall imbibing season kicks in to high gear!

Fall has finally hit, even though it seemed that Summer recently wouldn't go without a fight.

I made a trip out to rural Maryland to take in some of the bounty that comes with Fall. The bounty would be apples, but more so for the imbibing purist, that pursuit would be in the form of hard cider.

I have to admit I was not in to cider, and I usually do not care for apples at all. My wife however loves cider, and the occasional trip to a farm in Fall would mean a jug of cider to bring home. I was interested when I started hearing about hard cider, but more so when I learned that there was a great drink you could have in Fall called a Stone Fence. It turned out I had one of these in a recent Mr. Booze event, and I was hooked.

A Stone Fence is a Fall cocktail. It consists of two simple primary ingredients. One, is cider either regular or the hard type. The other without question is Applejack, which is made by Laird's Company the oldest family run distillery in America. The Hard cider I picked up was in three varieties one very dry, and then 2 that had slightly more sweetness while still remaining dry and crisp. I had tasted them before purchase and figured that I could work with something at home even if it didn't work out. I returned home with bottles in hand all set for my Fall drinking glory to begin.
The first Stone Fence was made with the hard
cider which I will admit was very dry. The apple bouquet notes are very subtle but the drink has a good feel almost like if I could describe it (even though there is no such thing) an apple spirit. However, it became apparent that while this drink was enjoyable to my palate this was not the drink I remember having at the event. The other Stone Fence I had was much sweeter. Then it occurred to me... this should be made with regular cider. Some tempting moments later, regular cider was poured... and magic hit the glass. PERFECT! now this is what I remember!

So make sure to give a Stone Fence this summer with some great Applejack and the cider of your choice. Hard cider will create a very dry cocktail. Regular cider will create a sweet Fall apple mix that will just make you swoon. It's up to you how you like it, and it seems cider can change as it's been opened so you may find a certain cider that works for you. I've also seen some other recipes that involve the use of bitters, either Peychauds or Angostura. So it all depends.

Either way a Stone Fence in Fall is truly a fantastic drink and it's easy to make a basic one. Watch the video below to learn how to make one.

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