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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sour mix be damned... A true whiskey sour is a revelation.

Sour mix be damned. Ya know... those radioactive green-yellow bottles with the glow in the dark color contents? I always was kind of curious about them in the past when I became a serious imbiber.

Back in the days of yore, I thought sour mixes were almost kind of a product that had always been around as part of cocktail mixing. It was just like anything else you used, like a whiskey, or a bottle of bitters. Perhaps there was oh I don't know... THOUGHT that went in to making them? I thought they were distinct. I soon found out that when going back in the past of cocktails that this product didn't even really exist until drink companies, and tastes of the American public got lazy. There were these things called lemons and limes that actually well.... worked!

Essential sour mix now is stuff I wont even go near. It's awful, sure there's a time and a place for it... I always associate it with bucket mix.. ya know... you're in a pinch... you go off to a party, you grab a bottle of cheap tequila... (don't get me started on bad tequila), cheap sour mix... and you get.... that's right... the bucket. In cocktails it's rare, when all you really need are fresh lemons and limes. But it's just easier for someone to just grab a bottle and pour, the bottle almost ALWAYS has a picture of a palm tree or a parrot on it go figure that...

However, a true whiskey sour contains just lemon juice from real lemons. Oh lemons.. how I adore thee... In the video below I show you how I make one, and it's pretty much identical to several recipes that use... a raw egg. Raw eggs in cocktails are often referred to as flips sometimes, but the egg gives it a nice froth and texture... it's absolutely fabulous. This is also one of the last BASIC cocktail videos I'll make cause many people on YouTube make the basic drinks over and over again. I prefer to put up things you haven't seen before (and I will) and the way this video was made is also very similar to how Chris McMillan made his in his video. The book I bought that has some of the Vintage spirits I plan on putting up, because not many people make those either.

Sometimes you just don't mess with perfection. So stay tuned!!!

How to make a whiskey sour watch below

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