Imbibe Hour


Monday, September 27, 2010

Watch out for the abominable chocolate snowman.

What's the deal with an Imperial Stout anyway? As much as I enjoy beer to imbibe, stouts in general are not the first thing I grab (although I grab a Guinness on occasion but haven't had the real stuff in Ireland). However, with my latest tastes and pickups of these crafty Imperial Stouts, my tastes certainly may be changing.

I first heard of the Yeti brew of all places on a wine tasting episode on YouTube. The name and the description of the Great Divide Brewing Company's products from Denver Colorado really started to intrigue me as I was reading up about them. To make sure I wasn't setting up for disappointment, I grabbed their Double Wit first. I figured if that was good then I knew I was on to something. In the end, I was greeted with a sweet tasty Belgian citrus bouquet, great body of a white ale, and a sweet nose that I got a big whiff of cardamom on. So far it was a big home run.

I tasted and reviewed the Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti and was pleasantly surprised as well. It really reminded me of a big red hot pepper chocolate bar, and was just a great beer (although my food pairings would be different than some of their suggestions). Cayenne taste comes out in the first chew, then dissipates and seems to come back SLOOOOWLY... on the finish. I did think the body was quite good, but it was almost a smidgen away from being just perfect. I thought if it was just a little thicker this beer would have been just phenomenal. I also didn't find much oak/wood smell/taste on it as it claims. Regardless it's still VERY VERY good. My review of it is in the video below.

Somehow the beer reviews are sneaking in on the Imbibe Hour, I did say they'd be there. But stay tuned for some more spirits and cocktails on the way shortly!


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