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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bourbon tasting #2 becomes joy of joys!

Nothing feels quite as good in life, than a basic good Bourbon.

I set out for my second tasting after much deliberation and thought. The previous low proof tasting went well overall, but it made me rethink how to approach my second tasting for this blog. Somethings just get better with practice, and this tasting was a grand ole time.

I set out to taste 2 Maker's Mark products, their standard, and also a new product of theirs which has hit the Bourbon world named Maker's 46. It was kind of neat to be ready to be tasting something that was relatively new to the Bourbon theatre one could say. I have much to say, but the video below speaks for itself. Also it was a perfect time to check out some more Wild Turkey products, which like the 80 I enjoyed a lot. To see and hear more about it watch the video review below:

Part 1:

Part 2 the conclusion:

Stay tuned for several more Bourbon tastings.

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