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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

For blueberry beer, the good, the not so bad, and the UGLY....

So... fruit in beer. Seriously what is up with that? I never even knew that beer could contain something such as fruit, until I started looking at great Belgian beer and discovering Kreiks, Lambics, and the sorts.

It turned out many of them I didn't care for, but it got me thinking that beer wasn't just a malty-hoppy one trick pony. With care fruit could be added and you could come up with something good. However, it is usually not the first thing I think of.

I soon discovered that with fresh fruit in season I could get blueberries in my area. I absolutely adored them. They were just perfect sweet snack food, not even too sweet sometimes. My wife who is originally from Maine even introduced me to one of the States best exports that being Maine wild blueberries. From there heaven could be found in blue fruit. Why not make thine marriage of suds and such things?

For this tasting I decided to have a little fun and compare 3 beers and their Blueberry-"ness". This was to just have a little fun and take a break from some serious Bourbon tastings, and good quality craft microbrew. I always wanted to do this, and I came home from work on a hotter than normal day.. dog thirsty and ready.

See the video below as I review 3 beers, or as I nicknamed them... "THE GOOD (Seadog Blueberry Wheat Beer), THE NOT SO BAD (Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale), AND THE UGLY (Wild Blue Blueberry Beer).


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