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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dogfish Head Theobrama, once, twice, three times was not the charm...

Hell hath no fury like a lover scorned.

When I first moved to the USA, (I was born and raised in Canada) I was excited to be delving in, and having a plethora of microbreweries to choose and taste from. I was also escaping much of the government run liquor stores which as many Americans depending on where they live, are all too familiar with. What that sometimes (not always) does is limits the amount and availabilities of liquor (beer/wine/spirits) that are available to you.

When I arrived in DC/MD/VA area I was amazed at the selection that was available to me. I tried so many beers that thinking back to those imbibing years was pure heaven, and so it went, and on that trail was one of nirvana... and its name is Dogfish Head.

I am a huge fan of this brewery. When I first tried their products I was absolutely floored as to how good they made their beers. Tastebuds don't lie, and in following up and researching them found they were highly respected and one of the best (if not some will argue the best around period).

That said, I ended up tasting another craft of theirs recently, called Theobroma. I will cut to the chase as time permits and give the reader the benefit of the doubt that from what I say will be taken with much consideration and heartfelt condolences on the status of this beer, and the lengths I went to review it.

Long story short. I bought 2 bottles. They were rancid, sour, compromised, oxodized, whatever you want to call it. While one of those 2 was better than the other, they were still UNDRINKABLE. I was miffed. How much did I just pay to review and taste this beer only to throw 90% of it away? I was debating my thoughts, I was dare I say it being a fan of this brewery... second guessing myself... there was no way this product couldn't be up to snuff could it? I was a lover jilted, cheated beyond belief it seemed. How could you do this to me? After all these years I've supported you! It was hard somehow when I say this... that I tried not to take this personally.. :) But damit! This is the Imbibe Hour! AND THIS IS SERIOUS!

I've learned from years past and it took me some time, but I know one thing now always... go with your gut. I finally got the third bottle, and it was not ruined and reviewed it. I have NEVER in my life gone to this much trouble to reviewing a beer as I had with this one. The results are in the video below.

Cheers and Enjoy!!

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