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Thursday, November 18, 2010

One Beer.. One Scotch... Make that 2 Scotch Ales...

Would you buy a beer of a picture of winged hat warrior with the title of "Skull Splitter" standing before you???

That is what I was faced with having to try this beer. Scotch Ales or as they are know as Wee Heavy, are a fantastic beer to imbibe on.

I decided to pair this beer with a Scotch Ale from Fordham brewery in contrast.

Another important note for trying out a Scotch Ale is to use a good glass. Scotch Ale's are wonderful to taste in a proper glass known as a Thistle. It is tulip bulb shaped and looks very much like a thistle, but it wont prick you.

So how are these Scotch Ales? Check them out for yourself below!!

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