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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Imperial IPA battle, Scotland vs America!

What was that phrase again of popular culture not so long ago regarding Scotland? If it's not Scottish... IT'S ****!!!

Well when I thought of Imperial IPAs I can say without a doubt that Scotland is not the first place I think of.

However, I was persuaded by some good inclination for some Imperial IPAs or Double IPAs as they are called and saw this on the shelf. "Oh this is quite good!" said the proprietor, it selling real well, pointing to the row that was nearly empty.

Intriguing packaging, and an in your face attitude. Does the Brew Dog Hardcore IPA measure up?

I paired it with another Imperial IPA I hadn't tried before and that was from New Holland brewers, trying their 2010 Mad Hatter which is part of their high gravity series.

So what happened? Was this a good worthy battle? Was this a cinch and no contest? Well watch the video below to find out more!

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