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Monday, January 2, 2012

Diving back in to whiskey, heading to Tennessee

I have been away from imbibing whiskey for sometime.  With numerous special beers being released, and a basement in my house being turned upside down, pretty much all my spirits are still sitting in boxes.

I started this blog mostly to focus on spirits and bourbon whiskey in particular.  In the time I was moving, it was easier to dive back into beer and enjoy its great sudsy goodness, while all my whiskey was packed and shelved away, hard to get to, almost never to be touched and seen again.  Beer would be consumed quickly, and easily fit in my fridge.  Whiskey went in a box, and thus hibernation.

I am in the process of re-building my basement which will also contain a brand new bar which I am quite excited about.  This is slowly looking like more of a reality, and my mind starts getting all excited about the possibilities of delving back into spirits and throwing my bourbon on a nice piece of perhaps cherry wood?  One can dream.

When thinking back to all the bourbon I reviewed, I realized it was quite sometime ago that I had jumped into it.  Numerous barrel aged beers, Lambics, and Belgian styles beers consumed, whiskey seemed like a distant memory.  I needed to get back, but... where to start?  I had several bourbons still to try for the first time, but being so absent for drinking whiskey in so long it didn't seem right to leave off where I was.  I felt I needed to start a little bit back in the beginning, and I had the perfect starter in mind.

I grabbed a bottle of George Dickel no. 12, which is a "Tennessee Sipping Whisky".  This is not a bourbon, but very much has the characters of one.  It was a great place to get my feet wet before starting to dive into bottles of say, Van Winkle or George T. Stagg.  I decided on a video review, a few year end comments, and also decided to make a whiskey sour with this whiskey.  Check out the video below to see more.


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