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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Smoke on the beer water! German rauchbier rocks my world!

If you could bottle bacon in a jar would you buy it? I mean people all joke about how bacon is gods gift to creation, there is nothing more perfect than bacon right? Forget about Jones Bacon soda for a minute and lets get back on track.

What if you could make a smoke flavored beer, so perfect for grilled meats and sausage, bbq and what not, keep the abv low so you could slam it back but enjoy its big full body with or without a slab of babyback pork BBQ ribs... would this be possible? My friends... it is... and it is called Rauchbier or "smoke" beer (from the German word rauch meaning smoke).

The flagship producer and maker of this beer is a place that has been beechwood smoking this beer for centuries, Aecht Schlenkerla in Bamberg Germany.

This type of beer surprised me in ways I couldn't even imagine. Yes I knew it was a smoke beer but I had my doubts and many of them and the myths that come with it were shredded to pieces after tasting this fine beverage.

Watch the video below to find out... and make sure you grab a real Stein or an authentic glass and have a smoke beer (Rauchbier) for yourself too someday!


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