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Sunday, January 2, 2011

BOCK MADNESS!! or how I got my German style lager fix!

Sometime ago, I went and had a very evil looking beer that was decorated with what I can only describe as if Santa had been possessed by the devil. It was Tröegenator and it was referred to as a "Double Bock" beer made by Tröegs brewery in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. This had me intrigued back in the day and I realized there is a style of beer called a Doppelbock.

Doppelbock really originated in Germany as a style of German Lager. Big in malts and ABV.

So I came across a German Munich brewed one as well named "Maximator" from Augustiner Brau in Munich and with two beers that sounded like they belonged in an Arnold Schwarzeneger action film... it was time to put them to the test!

But the Bock action didn't stop there! I picked up two other German style lagers which were very similar to their Doppelbock counterparts but they were actually Weizenbocks.

I grabbed two bottles of Aventinus, one that was their standard everyday fare... and the other which was bottled in 2007 and aged 3 years.

I thought this was a good comparison and a great way to appreciate this style and it sure was.

Details on how this bock fest beer drinking magnitude turned out are below. Watch the videos to find out more.



Weizenbock joy of tasting Aventinus!

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