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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mint under ATTACK!!

In the pursuit of tasty items for beverages, one must need more than liquid sustenance. One must acquire herbs! Herbs can be used as garnish, for flavorings, and also to be used in syrups to create!! Ah the posibilities are endless... It's as if making a cauldron of great potions, and perhaps if you had the will of say... Severus Snape... you could maybe even bottle fame...

This being the time of mojitos for me, I normally rely on my mint plant. It grows without much fuss or more importantly much caring or attention (something for me that is always an issue when it comes to plants).

Lately my spearmint variety seems to be under ATTACK!! and I am not sure if there's anything I can do about it. The thing is the plant seems to never die regardless of what I do. The history of how this wirey beast came in to my life explains some of the resolve of this plant to just take a beating. But lately it has been getting pale, and eaten. It also doesn't help that this has been a very dry summer for much of the DC area.

In a previous house I was living in, the next door neighbor grew this stuff in their garden which MIGRATED into ours like a weed out of control. I asked my wife when we moved that we take a bunch of it since it was already in our yard. She was not to happy about this since she couldn't stand the site of the thing, but in the end, we gave it a home in a pot and it has never looked back. But told me to NEVER put it in our lawn or there would be consequences.

However, I am on the mint kick. I've had a donation of come chocolate mint which is great, and I am also growing some Kentucky Colonel which is commonly used in one of my favorite drinks, the Mint Julep. The Colonel there is growing by leaps and bounds and should make a tasty addition! Its leaves are fatter and bigger, and they look a little more delicate almost spongy. There is also another variety called (what else) "mint julep", which has a stronger mint smell but different character of leaf. New drinks to imbibe with these are certainly under way! Consider planting some yourself, if my mint is just as indestructible as the ones you get, you'll never be without them.


  1. It looks like the mint is suffering from the weather not bugs. I would suggest some fertilizer.

  2. It might also be a little too hot and sunny this summer. Give it a little shade during the hottest day. Or put it in a partly sunny spot.

  3. Thanks Lo! The Choco mint you have given us has grown exponentially. It is nice!