Imbibe Hour


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mary Mary quite contrary, how much rosemary does this garden grow?

Garden herb.. though hath run amok. Taking over. How is this possible... What am I going to do with all this???

The irony of the pictured bushy rosemary that you see before you is that I had the hardest time ever for years growing it. In my herb pot I planted some about 2-3 years ago and no matter what it just NEVER seemed to grow.

Then suddenly, in the past year and a half... it took over.

I was happy but aside from making a million marinades, seasoning with rosemary what else could be done? Well thinking back to the imbibing blog, there had to be someway I could use this in a drink right? Well there was I thought and I came up with the idea of a real simple basic cocktail with a little twist, a rosemary infused syrup Lemon Drop.

It worked like a charm after some experimenting. The interesting bit is that you would think a lemon vodka would suffice, but when I made the drink with a lemon vodka it hid all the rosemary taste and bouquet and just tasted like lemonade. Not bad tasting, but not what I was after, who doesn't like grown up lemonade for adults???

In the end simple base vodka worked best, making a balanced cocktail. I am not a vodka drinker, it doesn't seem to offer much. It's a neutral spirit upon where you could sort of add your own color to what you are doing. I seem to reference vodka mostly with mouth feel than anything. I seem to remember a Polish vodka specifically made from potatoes that I liked called Luksusowa, but that was sometime ago and I am not sure I would hold or care for trying it again. It seems there are so many other things that are abound with tastes, smells, and complexity that offer more to me than vodka...

Regardless, I made this drink and if you want to know how I made it... check out the video below



  1. nice, do you have any suggestions for sage?

  2. hmm not off the top of my head... Probably a savory cocktail maybe with Gin??? I'll look into it, I definitely have sage to use in my herb pot.