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Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Imbibe Hours FAVORITE beers in 2014

2014 was once again filled with lots of good and memorable new beers for me.  It always surprises me the amount of incredibly good beer that is out there year after year.  As for the beer slayer in me, I was also lucky to get in a lot of travel, which gives me the opportunity to be surrounded by many beers I never have access to.

There was also quite a bit of online West coast purchases last year as well, and interestingly enough I almost wanted to get a Bourbon barrel scotch ale in my favorites this year, as it seemed there were many that I had this year.  Still as good as those beer were, there didn't quite always make the cut in greatness.

So here it is in the video below, my favorite beers of 2014.  Cheers and Enjoy!

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