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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Favorite beers from the Imbibe Hour in 2012

It was another year again in beer.  2012 brought many highlights, much of it coming from a trip to Vermont visiting Hill Farmstead.  Not sure what is in that water that is producing the beer up at Hill Farmstead (fairy dust? unicorn tears?), but it is making some of the best beer I ever had.

Another surprise how a particular style that can normally polarize me a bit, became the source of some my ultimate favorite beers.  That style was the saison - farmhouse ale.  I had so many enjoyable ones that I officially am crowing 2012 the year of the saison for myself.

I made a video of the highlights in beer for 2012.  Feel free to check it out on my channel as well.  There were also many other brews I wish I could mention but it was hard to pair down a list of 600 (which was far shorter than last years) beers as highlights.

Cheers!  and see you in 2013!

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