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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

ZOMBIES ATTACK - and the horror cult that is Three Floyds

There have been many breweries that have emerged from the scenes of the craft beer drinking masses.  It seems us beer drinkers sometimes want more interesting beers, and more choices.  If there is one brewery that has stood out since it’s inception in 1996, it would be Three Floyd’s out of Munster Indiana.

Three Floyd’s was started by two brothers in 1996 in Hammond originally, but soon grew with increased demand in 2000 to their new home in Munster.  Like many breweries word seemed to travel, their beers became highly desirable.  The brewery also has a limited distribution depending on where you live.  Good beer is one part of the equation and we all have our opinions on what we like, but one thing that seems to be unique about three Floyd’s is their image.

I spent some time hearing about the brewery talking to a few beer geeks who raved about their unique take on styles.  With some footwork I acquired a few bottles of their beers and had to admit I was quite impressed with their taste, but more striking was their labeling.  Glancing at a bottle of Gumballhead, a scary demented yellow character of a Looney Tunes tweety bird reject stared back at me wanting to pick a fight.  Another bottle of Alpha King Pale Ale had a mad Neptune like character swirled around with big artist rendering, as did Dreadnaught with what looked like a manic British general dancing around in front of the Taj Mahal.

Art work and neat graphics are fun, and everything about the artwork and the characters that grace the bottles of this brewery hints at a group of creative attitudes, but also some sense that there’s a bit of mad scientist working behind that Munster curtain.  It seems to be a working formula for the brewers, as their brand had reached what one could call a fanatical devotion.

Still as much as I have never stepped foot in their brewpub (currently), I have always wanted to try more of their beers, to romp in the fun and mania that is Three Floyds.  Checking out some of the laws for shipping to my state I was able to get a shipment from a store in Chicago for some Three Floyd’s beers.  When I called to place the order they actually just received a beer that normally flies off the shelf, and that was a pale ale called Zombie Dust.

Zombie Dust, almost a take on fairy dust for the demented.  The imagination that is Three Floyd’s is truly quite unlimited.  The beer is a very desired pale ale.  The brewers decided to bottle this beer year round due to the raves of their fans who had it.  When it is produced it goes fast. I was able to get a hold of some and try it out.  To see more about it click the video below.  Cheers!

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