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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Return to form, the bar is back and open, flying high with an Aviation cocktail

The bar is back.  While I was in between houses, I got stuck with lots of my wares in boxes.  The bar was one such thing.

Time waits for no one.  There is a saying that whiskey never keeps. But the reality is that nothing should be locked up that you wouldn't want to share it's greatness.

I decided after setting up the bar that I needed an introductory cocktail to christen it if you will.  Any what a perfect cocktail to debut than the Aviation.

The Aviation cocktail uses a real unique ingredient called Crème de Violette, a liqueur made and described as capturing the fragrance of the native Austrian wildflowers of Queen Charlotte and March Violets.  Pouring and making this drink is truly like soaring high.  Shaken with lemon juice a whispy cloud hits but gives the colors of streaking gray and blue, and violent tinges.  With this drink you will want to climb high, and never come down.

I also decided with the inaugural bar initiation to make a discussion on what a proper cocktail glass should be. To learn more on how to make this drink, and to also see a little bit of what I call cocktail glass 101, check out the video below.


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