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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Beer and Champagne, one great imbibing way to enjoy anew

In the realm of imbibing we often think of Champagne or champagne like drinks (referred to as sparkling wine) as a way to celebrate. However, there was one version of bubbly I was not familiar with but after now being acquainted, I would love to try more of. That drink, is called Bière de Champagne, or Bière Brut, or simply put Beer Champagne.

Like Champagne, Bière Brut follows the method of methode de champenoise, but follows the beer styles usually of well.. whatever the beer maker wants. These two are traditionally Belgian and definitely bring Belgian Pale Ale styles to the table mixed with Champagne like great taste. This was also an occasion to celebrate, but bubbly doesn't have to be just for celebrating, there is no excuse to just drink bubbly on any moment that arrives.

I went and reviewed and checked these both out, having moved into my new home. It was without question, a blast. Watch the video to find out more.


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