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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Beer Bourbon casks can make a better beer! Say that 3 times fast!

If you are a fan of Bourbon whiskey, and a brewery says to you... I am going to make a beer and use Bourbon whiskey barrels to make it, would you jump at the chance to try their creation? If you loved beer and Bourbon so much would you knock over the old lady on the street corner, just to get to it?

For me such a question I thought would be and easy answer. I love beer. I love Bourbon. Therefore, I would kill my first born and it would be a marriage of great body, massive caramel, tobacco, and sugary sweetness that would be in a beer and send me to another realm. The beer could not be bad. It would be nirvana.

The reality is regarding both of those statements, neither turned out correct. I tried two Bourbon cask aged beers, one was from Allagash from Maine, a tripel aged in oak Jim Beam barrels named Curieux. The other was an Imperial Stout from a brewery named Goose Island based out of Chicago.

The beers are of course from two different breweries, but they are also two different "types" of beers (one a Tripel, the other an Imperial Stout). I was really hoping to find characteristics of good Bourbon in beer. Alas, the reality is I really did not find those distinct Bourbon characteristics from these two. But in trying these beers, I discovered some fantastic drink. Check out the Bourbon cask beers that I reviewed in the video below.

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